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Art by Bridget Voth

Please be sure you
fill out an entry form
for EVERY cat you're bringing — even if they won't be competing!

Cats from households with contagious or infectious illnesses within the last 21 days are ineligible for entry.
Cats with suspected contagious or infectious illness, or with parasites, will be removed from the show hall.


Regular Closing Date:
Sunday, December 24, 2017
or when we reach 125 entries

This is the final date.
There will NOT be any late pages.

Please fill out the form below for EVERY cat you are bringing to the show (whether or not it's competing):

Your name:
(please enter the same name you specified on your summary sheet; this helps us associate the right cats with the right summary sheets!)
Your email address:
(please enter the same email you specified on your summary sheet)
Cat Information
Cat name:  
Catalog section:  

(for a household pet, please specify "HHP")
Hair Length  
(all cats):


Days entered,  
if competing:

Status: Pedigreed kittens/cats

Pedigreed alters

Household pets

Other titles

Birthdate:        (mm/dd/yy) (Kittens must have been born on or before 9/29/17 to be allowed in the show hall.)
Agent, if any:
Price, if for sale:
Additional comments or notes to entry clerk, if any:

To prove that you are a human and not a computer, please answer the following question:

How many eyes does a kitten normally have?    

By entering this show, I agree to the following terms:

  • My cats are entered at my own risk.
  • If I have any changes, I will contact the Entry Clerk immediately.
  • I will abide by and uphold the rules of TICA and the Show Committee.
  • Entry fees and all related costs are due and payable as soon as an entry form or summary form has been received by the Entry Clerk, whether it be by website, phone, fax, email or snail-mail. Entering the show via any of these methods constitutes an agreement to pay in full for all services ordered, even if I withdraw from the show, fail to attend the show, or fail to complete the entry procedure.
  • I will pay all fees in U.S. Funds within 24 hours of submission of entry/summary information by one of the following options: Money order or bank check payable to "The Maine Event," or via PayPal payment to: treasurer@maineevent.org.
  • There are no refunds once an entry or service request has been received by the Entry Clerk. However, substitutions may be made. See Fees Section.
  • Any excess payment is considered a donation to the show.
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